The Mission of the Western New York Trail Riders Inc. is to promote the safe enjoyment of the sport of off-road vehicles while upholding the laws and regulations pertaining to the sport , including the use of proper safety equipment and proper development and maintenance of trails. WNYTR Inc. is a family friendly club that will at all times respect the landowners and their property, as well as fellow members. WNYTR Inc. will promote the positive public image of off-road vehicle use.


About WNYTR is a family oriented ATV Club that believes in safety, rider education, and environmental conservation. Our club WNYTR (Western New York Trail Riders Inc.) started in 1992 and was restructured in October of 2012, we are a IRS registered 501(c)7 organization, WNYTR is also affiliated with NYSORVA (New York State Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Association) Our goal is to offer member’s a place to ride, including in state and out of state riding excursions. We offer opportunities to meet new riding friends, and to have a voice in the legislative process concerning off-road interests. In 2018 we acquired the former NYTRO-Tildon Hill Trail system, Our Orangeville Trail was closed by Landowners in 2019, PLEASE respect our Landowners and their property, STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL !



Whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned experienced rider, consider joining WNYTR. We strive for a diverse member base and we will make you feel this is your club as much as ours!!


Western New York Trail Riders has a safety officer on staff that inspects and insures the trails are always safe. We DO NOT allow ANY Alcohol on our trail systems as WE ARE A “FAMILY FRIENDLY” CLUB THAT WELCOMES ALL AGES!

Our Trails    

These trails are composed of approximately 25 total miles of beautiful woodland trails. Our Tildon Hill Trail System is located in Arkport, NY. We continually seek expansion to include more miles of trails every year.  We use a few hundred yards of a seasonal road, a few logging roads, but most trails are cut through the forest specifically for ATV & UTV usage.  While we do have some off camber trails, most are rated as easy to somewhat technical.  The beautiful main trails are all one-way and very well marked with excellent signage.  With this being said, one thing you need to know is that we are not an ATV Park.  We are an ATV Club and the use of our Trail Systems are as a free perk for being a member.  What that means is that our Trail System is not a Drop & Ride type of trail system.  While we have a good number of rides scheduled for each riding season, Please always respect our Landowners and their property, Clean up after yourself. We are there enjoying their beautiful land because of their vast generosity.


  • Approx. 25 miles of wooded one way trails and growing every year.
  • Trail markers for your skill level & to be consistent with other NYS ATV parks

Green = Easy for the novice rider

Blue = Moderate for the intermediate

Black = Difficult for the experienced

  • Located in Allegany County, New York
  • All mud & wet areas have alternative routes if you choose to stay dry and clean.
  • Machine width is 64″ due to our trails are 90% wooded with very little open field riding.

In addition to our rides, we also schedule quite a few trail prep days (fun workdays) and will add more as needed.  The tasks for these days are as simple as trimming brushes that grow out into the trail or as complex as building bridges and excavating new trails.  Our club trails are solely developed and maintained by our members volunteering their time and equipment on a very low budget.  We can always use help during our many workdays to restore and maintain these trails.   The camaraderie is great, we get more riding time in and working on the trails give you a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of belonging.  You also get a better understanding as to what it takes to maintain and expand a trail system such as ours. Also, once you have been a member for a while there are ways of gaining more privileges and unscheduled riding time.

If you want to play in the mud or climb hills, we have side trails for that purpose.  Our main trails are for pleasure riding only, however, you can ride fast in some areas as long as you use common sense.  We are a family origination and we may have children or elderly riders on our trails at any given time.  We have a good thing going and disrespectful riders will not be tolerated.

On a positive note, Annual Membership is very inexpensive.  Be sure to include copies of your ATV Registration (UTV’s exempt) and Insurance cards.  We do almost all correspondence by email as it is fast and cheap. Be sure to print legibly on the application.

Latest News

We post a schedule on our web site, Facebook and in e-mail with scheduled dates for member rides, and work detail rides.

Contact us at: info@wny-trailriders.com